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16 June 2007 @ 01:59 pm
Co-workers, stories and reviews  
I must be very good, because my co-worker called me for help this morning. The script she's working with sucks, yeah, it does. And she was the unlucky one to take it. And it's her first time, so she was so scared. Dear one, poor little one. I would gladly help, even if I'm called at 4 am I am willing to jump from bed and come. But the attitude should be fine. Otherwise I wouldn't even pick up the phone. I know it's nasty thing to say, but that's me.

And the new one is very good. And I like her. She's sweet and kind and that's what I like. And mostly, she respects me. 

I've read something on FF. Good job, Bee. Very good job. The first time I read it I was impressed. The second time I was stunned. And then every little detail started to show up. Very good job, indeed.

And thanks to BTK for reviewing my story. It sucks, but the review was really nice. Oh, I miss intelligent people gone for quite while from FF. Now they are coming back and that worms my heart. That site is finally ALIVE!!!
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