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15 July 2007 @ 09:47 pm
I'm pissed off  
I am going to sue my internet provider. They are gay and they should pay for giving me double slower internet than I am paying for. And my PC bugs constantly, though it's fine, cos my company's IT manager checked it some times. But they have to pay. And they will. Dearly. I have noticed my lawyer, he will contact them tomorrow morning. I know there will be begging part and *other* part (wish for, suckers, I'll not let myself down. There are too many friends I have that could smash your little heads, that's why you should stay still and obey.)

They should know - no one plays with me. They should pay for all those times I have noticed them and they didn't react. They didn't even give a shit. Once I didn't have net connection for a whole day!!!! WTF?!? And NO ONE even came to check what's going on, though i set the phone line on fire.

You'll pay for this, suckers. You'll be sorry.


*that meant to express my evil laughter
Feels like: angryangry