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21 July 2007 @ 04:25 am
The secret of the successful marriage?  
I've met some friends today. A casual meeting with the casual bla-blas, as usual. But the topic we discussed at the end was rather unusual. 

The long-lasting marriage.

My friend Tasha's grandparents are married for fifty years. Fifty years!!! My first thought was: 'Don't they hate each other?' She said: 'Strangely, but no.' That's amazing. Living with someone for fifty years, knowing every single secret, every single habit, what they do each morning, the way they wash their hands, the way the sip their soup, where they scratch themselves knowing no one's looking, how they throw their clothes when going to bed... Every single thing... And still LOVING EACH OTHER....


Such things are so impossible these days. Most of the people ever married I know are separated or divorced. What they explain is the usual 'characters incompatibility'. That's strange. How could such reason be existing now, but not fifty years ago? And how could such couples save their love for so long time? I wonder...

My mom and dad are separated for years. They cannot live near each other, they cannot live in the same country without arguing. Me and my sister had to witnes their painful arguments, suffering when seeing our both parents we love hating each other THAT MUCH. That made us what we are today. My sister cannot get married because she's afraid that in some years she would be hating her husband. And she's refusing each good man proposing. Perhaps she will die as spinster. Probably I would be the same. 

How do people keep love? Where's the secret?

I don't want to die surrounded by dozen cats. HELP!
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