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20 August 2007 @ 03:23 am
next week schedule:  
1. Write the report
2. Search for those papers
3. Read that one book
4. Start writing anything, cos I'll die from boredom
5. Make some more avatars cos it's funny! :)
6. Order the "Making Money' book
7. Work
8. Fire that stupid bustard that almost ruined my work in NY
9. Go out with the cutest guy ever
10. Visit mom
11. Go to the shops
12. Prepare for the weekend (going to Paolo's again)
13. Go to Paolo's
14. Take care not to get drunk, cos my angels are weak and that's what Paolo needs ;)
15. Upload Sybil's wedding pics (ah, she was so cute there lol, me too)
Feels like: naughtynaughty